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A  .pdf  of the RSGB “Low Frequency Experimenters Handbook”  good !

Above, I should add, is by Peter Dodd, G3LDO…good stuff!

The Monitor Sensors 630m Transverter.  Very high-end, high quality rig… minimum 50W out, full linear, IF in 160m ham band, 13.6+ VDC.  Complete fail-safe circuitry included in this design.  I own one.

The receive converter in this rig has to be used to be believed!

—————————————————————————————————————————————-     The WD2XSH ARRL Experiment


Friday 18 Sep 2015

Flyer and specs for the KB5NJD/WG2XIQ 100+ W PA for 630m…One must keep the local worms warm over the winter!

NJDTechnologies 630m Amp


ADDED 17 Sep 2015

With all the recent interest in E-Field Probe antennas lately, here are several links to the same:  Enjoy   … really simple  $5 Special … Jay’s (W1VD) take on simplicity … Original AMRAD design, bit of overkill … Store bought, ultra high-end design, reputed to be a real performer.  By Jack Smith, Clifton Labs  ($$$) on this one.


Here’ a link to what I consider the primo site for 630m enthusiasts.  John updates often and you’ll find a wealth of info and chatter here!  Site by KB5NJD / WG2XIQ. GO CHECK NOW – 100W 630m power amplifier available!


G3XBM, Roger in England developed a cool TX converter…his site has the mother lode of information and is frequently updated…do not miss.


GW3UEP designed the 100 PA described in TX.  Go Here:


Jay Rusgrove’s LF / MF site details the power amps I built.  Check it out.




Steve VE7SL Site – more details on the RX Only Vertical




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